Monday, November 7, 2011

How to play Battlefield 3 on Windows XP

How to play Battlefield 3 on Windows XP
Unfortunately Battlefield 3 will not be compatible with Windows XP.

The game requires Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Are you still using Windows XP, but want to play Battlefield 3, it may be time to upgrade. Johan Andersson (Dice-employed) Twitter about this and says that a 64-bit operating system is recommended, but that Windows XP will not be supported regardless. Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 are required to play the game.


Try to get your hands on a version of one of the recommended Windows operating systems above.

1.) From time to time it might be possible to try a demo or beta version.
2.) You could also buy it (check lowest prices at or simular site first).
3.) Maybe you got a friend that already have upgraded and from who you could buy/get an OP-system from.
4.) Download it. (Pirate version) This depends on your countries laws and your moral.

Install an extra operating system on a separate hard drive or partition. 

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